2020 Verified Garden Flags Store List: Best Place to Buy Garden Flags

Garden flags are colorful, fun, often seasonal flags that you see in the yard, homes and gardens. Most of the people hang them from the house near the front door, and some place them in the garden on short flagpoles. There are many options for the types of flags, locations, how much you use, and the tone you set.

Where to Buy Garden Flags Online: Top 9 Websites to Buy Garden Flags

1. Discount Decorative Flags

Discount Decorative Flags, is the leading online flags selling since 2011.18,000+ square foot headquarters in West Berlin, NJ houses over 6,000 fun and unique products from leading brands such as Briarwood Lane, Studio-M, Carson, Custom Decor, Evergreen, Wincraft, Toland and more.

2. Just For Fun Flags

Just for fun flags is the garden flag store operating since 2000. Just for fun flags has grown to include the efforts of their extended family. With continuing goal is to bring the best flags and windsocks available for years to come.

Discount Decorative Flags By Just For Fun Flags

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3. Flags on a Stick

The Flag on a Stick is owned by Jaclyn Bennett. It’s a family business which was started back in 2002 by Becky Bennet. The first physical store was based in Minnesota State Fair.

Jaclyn selects only the highest quality designs from our nation's leading artists. She has expanded the business to include 100’s of new flags each year, as well as matching welcome door mats, mailbox covers, home address signs, and door decor hangers. Her leadership helps our staff achieve their goals, which includes 5-star customer service, fast shipping, as well as being knowledgeable about each and every product we sell.

4. Garden House Flags

GardenHouseFlags.com, a division of Novack & Bruce Innovations, LLC online stores.

The store own EXCLUSIVE line of Snapdragon Flags, designed by talented artists throughout the United States and Canada. They offer wide range of flag designs from Custom Décor, Inc. and Studio M. This online store are updated throughout the year, providing you with a great, fresh selection of new flag designs, as well as, long-term favorites!

5. Flags RUS

Flags RUs is selling garden flags and accessories online since 1998. The FlagRus is owned by Blake Cabot.

Flag Rus purchased a historic building that they used as a warehouse and a retail store, The Porch Swing. Eventually they outgrew this building so in August of 2011 they expanded further by purchasing another building in downtown Marysville.

In October 2014, Flags RUs changed ownership and moved to a warehouse in Newburgh, NY.

6. Flag Fables

In 1984, founder Pam Stewart was creating appliqué flags in her home in Western Massachusetts for her own use and as gifts for friends and family. She received wonderful comments and positive feedback for her flag creations. That led her to begin her own business: Flag Fables. In the beginning, Pam was the designer, cutter and sewer for each flag she made. Her first craft show in December of 1984 was at the local church Christmas show where she displayed her collection of twelve seasonal and holiday designs. Flag Fables slowly grew as word of mouth spread about the wonderful flags that could be seen flying throughout the region. Soon enough, Pam was hiring staff to help meet the growing demand.

7. My Ever Green

My Ever Green started off in 1993, The founders are Ting Xu and Frank Qiu. They started in United States but soon they expended to Canada.

Today My Ever Green have grown into one of the leading flag, home and garden companies in North America.

Evergreen’s team of 400+ continues to grow to support the customers every day. As a privately owned, founder-led company, The company is able to quickly respond to customers’ needs.

8. Miles Kimball

The Miles Kimball Company is a leader in the direct merchandise business — offering cards, gifts, helpful household items, and unique food products. Operating from the shores of the Fox River in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the business consists of several distinct brands: Miles Kimball, Christmas Cards by Miles Kimball and Mrs. Kimball’s Candy Shoppe.

It all began in 1935, when an ambitious young man named Miles went into business with a simple idea: to market a Christmas card in which the design spelled out the name of the sender.

9. House Flags

The company is operated by a couple in Florida since 1998. They have a warehouse with a staff of 150+ to help us take care of businesses. Since they started our company on the internet in 1998.

Personalized Garden Flags

The personalized garden flags is the perfect way to add color and charm to your front door and sidewalk, patio area, courtyard area, flower bed and garden area. The personalized garden logo is the ideal way to reflect your personality and style in the garden and yard. From holidays to graduation to special birthday celebrations, the flags in the courtyard will surely give everyone who passes by a happy invitation. In order for the garden flags to withstand the harsh daily weather conditions, a permanent, weatherproof base is required. The high quality garden flag frame is made of powder coated iron and is 36 inches high. It is divided into three parts for easy storage. In addition to the booth, have installed a flower-shaped stopper and a transparent flag clip to hold the flag in place on a windy day. The bracket is easy to install and remove. Cleaning the garden flags is an important step in keeping the logo bright, free of contaminants, and ready for future use. To clean, wash your hands gently with warm soap or detergent in warm or cold water, or spray the logo to keep the color vivid. The cleaning time is not long because polyester materials are easy to clean and quick to dry. Let your flag dry after washing. Do not wash the banner in the machine as the washing machine may pull slowly on the material fibers, which can shorten the life of the banner.

Types of Garden Flags

Garden flags are a great way to breathe a little life into a garden area where something is missing. They are so versatile and affordable that they are indeed vital for any gardener. The garden flags are simply a great way to add life and color to any garden. You can decorate your garden with these flags. There are many options and you will find something that can be used in your particularly difficult space. People across the country have recognized the benefits of using flags in gardens and homes. They are so many types of garden flags, which are as follows:

Garden Flags

The Garden flags has a charming decoration and a timeless style. They consist of a mixture of light-resistant textiles and have seasonal and everyday works of art. The seasonal garden flags is a wonderful way to add color to the garden. However, it is important to use them properly to decorate the garden without obstructing the view of the plants. The courtyard sign is weatherproof, so that the color remains bright and the fabric is not worn out in the rain, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. The garden flags are made from strong, hard-wearing fabric with double hem and use three layers of shaded inserts to avoid transparency on both sides. And use bright colors that won't fade over time as they offer UV protection, light fastness, and waterproof functionality. When deciding where to display your garden flags, consider which flowers to plant nearby. Remember that the marker can display one or two months depending on the season. You don't want to block the view of the plants, nor do you want to put the garden banner in the middle of the flower that will open. If water or ice can fall from the edge of the roof or over the porch, it is also important to consider the end of the roof. Place a stone to increase stability.

House Flags

The house flags is a large decorative logo with the dimensions 28 x 40. You can show the beauty of your house and increase the immediate containment. The house flags is an exciting and easy way to express yourself and add color and joy to your home. There are several steps to decorate your home. For example, the framed logo on the headboard is a good idea to bring patriotic elements into your bedroom. Another way to decorate bedrooms with flags is to simply put them in beautiful containers. The sign can also be displayed flat with respect to the wall at the top of the room. When the flag appears in the window, remember to show patriotism to people outside the building as an "audience".The appearance of most houses is neutral and ranges from white and gray to the colors of stone and nature. Colorful flags are a unique way of expressing patriotism. Adding tags is also an ideal way to illuminate your home. A popular way to show the national flag is to hang the flag vertically from the edge of the roof. Another way to decorate the roof with signs is to hang the banners of the micro signs in a circular pattern.

Yard Flags

The flag doesn't just hang in front of the door. We believe that flying the national flag is an act of self-expression and the design you choose can illustrate your identity. Marking has important uses in many industries. Generally, they help maintain site safety. They have multiple colors and each color represents a different type of underground utility. Since there are many different colors, it is difficult to know the meaning of each color. Many different industries use these colored markings, from building public utilities to landscaping, advertising to lawn care. It is also important for people to understand the importance of colors to ensure safety. Traditionally, the size of the flag is in meters.In winter, festive flags can create an exciting atmosphere and stand out in the snow-covered garden. In summer, a banner that celebrates the spirit of freedom or happy spring can add charm to your garden decor. Displaying holiday flags is a great way to celebrate the holiday with love, warmth, and happiness. You can decorate the cheerful garden sign in the front yard to spread the festive atmosphere.By changing the flags they last longer. The yard flags ensure an immediate curb by giving bright colors to gardens and lawns. The yard flags can also mark special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and public holidays.

Decorative Flags

Decorative flags is a unique opportunity to unleash your passion and make it visible to everyone. The decorative flags can not only help you share your passion with friends and family, but also as a gift, especially for those who want to add style to their garden or the front of the house. You will always be sure that all the decorative flags are made of durable waterproof polyester and you can enjoy the view from every angle on both sides. In addition, the decorative flags should be lightfast and machine washable and can show the endless enthusiasm of gift recipients for a long time. Decorative signs are an affordable option to beautify outdoor areas. Especially if you want to change the garden decoration depending on the season, holidays and special occasions. Decorative garden and house logos are the best way to send your neighbors, friends and family good luck and vacation wishes. Decorative signs are mainly used as exterior decoration to celebrate the seasons and holidays. They offer guests and spectators the aesthetic value of your house, lawn or garden. Exterior decoration signs are the preferred form of interior decoration because they are relatively cheap and can be used for many years.

Outdoor Flags

Outdoor flags are inexpensive and allow you to change the flags in any season and on any holiday. There are many colors and themes to choose from. When determining the color of the logo, think of the current color of the house. If you adjust the original color of your house, the effect of the logo is reduced. Use a color that harmonizes or contrasts with the color of your house to increase the influence of the sign and attract the attention of passers-by. Marking colors can highlight all areas in the garden. For example, dark flags work better in areas with sufficient lighting (e.g. full or partial sunlight). The lighter flags have light colors in dark or dark areas. The theme of the logo is the image or content printed on the logo. Topics include seasonal signs, festive signs, special occasion signs, snowman signs, quirky signs and elegant signs. Update the garden quickly and easily using the garden logo. With so many cool flags, it's best to plan the ideal effect that the garden should achieve in every season and on every vacation. Do not use the dryer. Also avoid using bleach and chemical cleaners as this can permanently damage your flag.

Seasonal Garden Flags

Summer garden flags

The unique summer garden flags gives your garden decoration striking colors. The flags looks great on the garden. When the summer days are lazy, it is interesting to decorate accordingly. In the hot summer months, you can decorate outdoors using various methods. Even small touches can usually result in beautiful decorations. Many beautiful flowers bloom in summer. A great way to decorate in summer is to plant a lot of different and vibrant flowers this season. Mix different colors or mix with other flowers and you will get beautiful window grills all summer. Add some colorful flowers to make the roadside more attractive, making your garden more beautiful.

Winter garden flags

The winter garden flags are the best way to decorate your garden. It looks so classy. An elegant winter garden flags with snow-covered scenes, a charming snow-covered bird house, cardinals and tits give your garden eye-catching details. The flag of the winter garden gives your garden a decorative touch. You can also display flags in pots on your door, greet guests with bright colors and charming artistic elements. Winter garden flags are also a great way to create decorative themes in the garden. Winter has beautiful colors and artistic details, including colorful and charming snowmen, cardinals, and snowflakes, and you'll find a variety of styles that complement your home.

Occasional Flags

Christmas Garden Flags

Christmas Garden Flags should be unique and incredible. Add festive Christmas tags to your outdoor Christmas decoration. The traditional Christmas sign is a traditional 3'x5 'sign, which is ideal for passing or passing neighbors. There are so many websites which offers a variety of styles and themes, including religion-oriented poinsettias or traditional national flags for cribs. The vertical Christmas sign is a Christmas sign, and like the traditional sign, the scene is displayed vertically and horizontally. Vertical Christmas flags are ideal as banners on doors or in tight spaces where conventional flags may not be suitable. You can placed the Christmas flags anywhere in the garden.

Valentine's Day Garden Flags

On Valentine's Day, decorate your home, yard and post box. Valentine’s day garden flags are made of high quality polyester and are embroidered or embellished with lettering and pictures. The size of each logo is 28 inches x 40 inches and the design can be read from both sides. The Love Everywhere should be written on the flag. It is a cute design that shows a big pink heart surrounded by colorful flowers on a black background. You can placed the flags on garden for your loved ones and show them how much you them. The Valentine’s Day garden flags are basically the best way to impress someone.